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Tutorials | Painting With Light - Manual DRI Blending in Photoshop


This is a short video tutorial showing how I like to make my DRI images.


  • Preferably seperate exposures
  • A tripod (non-negotiable!) :)
  • Ability to bracket your shots - or to do the math to calculate your shutter speeds.
  • Photoshop - I'm using CS4 but this applies to all versions. I'm sure it'd also work in any other application capable of working with alpha layers.
Music by Bodeha


Sorry about being so keyboard heavy. I find it much quicker, but in case you can't keep up, here's a list of the keys I commonly use: -

Key   Action
    Select handtool (while spacebar is pressed)
B   Brush
[   Smaller Brush
]   Larger Brush
CTRL+Z   Undo Last Action
X   Swap foreground and Background colours
D   Select Default Colours (Black & White)
Mousewheel   Zoom (Needs enabled in the settings)
C   Crop
G   Fill (Paintbucket or Gradient)
CTRL+I   Invert (Will invert the mask if selected)
CTRL+NUM0   Zoom to Fit Screen
CTRL+NUM1   Zoom to 100%

Good luck, have fun.



My DRI Examples

These are some of my shots where I've used this DRI technique.

DRI Samples



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