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Darf - Windows wallpaper changer

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About Darf

Darf is a free application that runs in the background on a Windows PC and periodically change your desktop wallpaper to one chosen at random from the Verdant Vista Galleries. At the moment it's an Editors Choice of photographs but we hope to sort this out at some point and let you choose the ones you like.


You can download Darf from here.

To use Darf, simply install it, subscribe to the the Verdant Vista channel and it'll update your desktop wallpaper periodically. You can go into the settings to change how often the wallpaper changes.

Works on Windows 2000 through to Windows 7 x64

Please note, I don't want to put you off, but it kind of monsters your old desktop background. Sorry about that. Also, the only way to stop it changing backgrounds is to uninstall the thing. And at this point you need to find your old desktop background again. :( once more... sorry about that. *blush*


Darf Single Monitor Screenshot
Darf Dual Monitor Screenshot






Darf (darf) n. - The least attractive side of a Christmas tree that ends up facing the wall


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