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About Verdant Vista

Verdant Vista is the photography gallery of me, Neil Farquharson. Predominantly landscape & seascape photography from Scotland with the occasional off-camera flash thrown in for good measure.

The name "Verdant Vista" comes from the name given to a planet in the Honor Harrington series of science fiction novels by David Weber. The planet isn't a good place to be, it's a prison planet for genetic slaves owned by the bad people of Manpower Incorporated. 

It's rather incongruous to have the name of a slave planet used in a photography gallery but sod it! I really like the name :)


About Me

I'm from Edinburgh and I enjoy photography! (well duh!) :)

Originally a programmer by profession, I now run my own company providing web development and support services to homes and businesses in the area. Being a programmer means I enjoy the technical side of life. Imagine my joy when I discovered that photography can get amazingly technical! While I don't think anyone has actually died of boredom, get me talking about photography and you'll make a spirited attempt :)

I got into this photography stuff because a friend talks about little else and in order to actually join in the conversation, I decided to sell a kidney and buy a camera. To prove I was listening to him all that time I went for a dSLR, shoot RAW and use a tripod - all from day one.

My favourite type of photography is, by a country mile, landscape photography. Mostly it's nice to get out and about seeing places in a new light (pun intended), although at times it can be tough in the cold when you sit around waiting for the perfect moment. It's also incredibly fortunate that there is nothing in the world worthy of photographing that is more than 50ft from where you park your car!

I'm quite lucky in where I live because there are so many places to photograph only a few hours drive away - not to mention Edinburgh itself - however the north west of Scotland in particular is my favourite although I do a lot in East Lothian simply due to the proximity.