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Stoerpoint Lighthouse

Stoerpoint Lighthouse

This place just blew my mind. Walking down I was expecting to be sat on the edge of a cliff, remote from the sea, disconnected. What we actually found was the land sliding down into the sea, with a modicum of scrambling, access was found!

I've been to cliffy type places before, namely St. Abbs and it's surroundings, but nothing really prepared me for this place. Everything was huge! From the massive rocks, scattered like toys to the booms as water is forced down channels under the rocks. Booms you could feel through the ground as the rocks shifted.

Perhaps the Atlantic, unhindered by obstacle, using it's full strength to smash against the rocks is what gives the place the ominous feeling of power. Perhaps it's the impression of rocks tossed casually aside by capricious gods is wot dun it!

This certainly gave me a better understanding of Ross's love of Lewis.

I know places like this are ten a penny around the world, hell even around Scotland but, as I said, I've never been anywhere like this - at least not as an interested spectator with a camera.

I'm not sure why but there isn't much of a sense of scale in the photo, the lighthouse helps but the little drop in front of the camera would have been instant death to the unwary! And Ross and I where VERY wary :) It might be because of the wide-angle lens, or it could be the nature of photography itself, more likely it's just my lack of skill in imbuing the image with scale.

I want to be back there. Right now!

Capture Date Friday, September 7, 2012 at 7:27 PM Camera Make/Model
Lens Make/Model
Field of View / Focal Length 30mm Aperture f/14
Shutter Speed 7s IA: 12 frames @ 0.4s with no Delay ISO 200
Subject Distance Not Found Metering Pattern
White Balance Automatic
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