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By Neil Farquharson
Published: Monday, February 20, 2012

I was using Wordpress for my blogging software but I never really enjoyed using it. It's fast and clean but almost every update that's come out over the few years running it, broke something somewhere.

The last straw was the 3.1 (i think) update. After that I couldn't save or preview changes to any new or old posts.

In any case, I quite like to sprinkle my images around my blog posts but I found WP a bit of a pain because I use a custom written gallery and I'd have had to constantly fiddle with html and urls to lay the images out how I like. This usually means a ton of web pages open and lots of copying of image links... yawn.

With my own blog system, it has direct access to my images so it's really simple to plop them in a post.

Toys for the bored

I also added a little toy to play with. It'll probably kill my bandwidth so might get switched off shortly :) Basically, in any page where there are image thumbnails, you can click the semi-circle in the top middle and the background and colour scheme will change to the image you clicked on :) As I say, a daft toy but what the hell. I like it :) Here's some thumbnails to play around with: -



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