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By Neil Farquharson
Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Updated: Monday, February 3, 2014

Howdy campers.

Been a while since I was last out - September 2012 to be exact!

In this trip Ross and I headed down to Dunstanburgh Castle via Cocklawburn (or is it Cockburnlaw) Beach.

As ever, I spent the day Image Averaging although I did have a go on Ross's Lee Big Stopper for a few shots.

Talking of the Lee Big Stopper, I can say it's easier to use the LBS over a Screw-on ND like the B+W 110 ND when used with Graduated ND's, it's still not as easy as the image averaging technique - workflow aside.

I got a horrible amount of flare when I used the LBS - light reflected off the grads and into the lens - but this was my mistake. Next time I'll use my patented* light baffle to see if that helps any.

I also found the LBS was much MUCH stronger than my B+W 110 ND. I was doing 45s exposures with the B+W while a few minutes later with the LBS I required around 3 minutes! That said, with the LBS I was also using my Grads so the difference may be explained by that.

As for the white balance correction. Well, I maxed out the WB in ACR to 50,000 and while the final colour was neutral enough, I couldn't warm it up any further in ACR. I'm afraid I much prefer the warming cast on the B+W which is also more easilly warmed further or cooled to near LBS levels of icey cold blue!


Overall though it was awesome to be out again, with big thanks to the peco for dragging my sorry ass out! :)


Here's the pics from the day: -

March 2013, Scremerston and Dunstanburgh



 * not really.


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