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By Neil Farquharson
Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twas a surprise outing on a school night for Peco & I. I got the call about 4pm. "Find a place that isn't too far, leaving in 30mins"

Shit! :) Happy "shit" of course.

Sadly I wasn't able to come up with much in the way of originality - Dunbar... Still, I wanted to go to the far end of the harbour wall and get round the back. When we wandered along the place was plastered with "DANGER WILL ROBINSON" signs and us being the good citizens we are, we didn't go any further.

I was gutted. I was sure you could get round*.

So we went round the back of the old artillery battery at Victoria Harbour and hopped about the rocks there.

So anyway, here's the shots for the trip, only the 4 of them as it was such a short outing...

August 2012, Dunbar


* I got back and rechecked Google Earth. I'm even more sure we could have got round! Dammit!


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