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Welcome to my blog where I intent to witter on about how I process selected photos.

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Written on Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Last updated on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You may not be aware, but this site isn't only my photography. I coded it myself* One of the features I built into it was reading EXIF info from my photos. Not a big deal in of itself but I used a really simple bit of code to take the current month and use background images uploaded to the site which where shot in the same month.

This means that in the winter, the site should be showing snowy images while in the summer they should be more ... well, summery 

However I've found a fatal flaw.

It's seems I don't get out very much in the month of June and that's resulteed in the selection of backgrounds being a bit meh, a wee bit pff.

If you reload the page, you should see a different one. There's only about 5 images taken over 6 years!  And none of them are that great either :( 


Ah well. Hopefully next month will be better! :)


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