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Shooting Diary | Forth Rail Bridge Sunset | 25th March 2012

Written on Monday, March 26, 2012
Last updated on Monday, February 3, 2014

Took a risky trip to South Queensferry to shoot the Rail Bridge. Risky because it's been misty for the last few days and there was a strong possibility of coming away with nothing. (ed: You mean you didn't?)

As it was I had to work quite hard in Photoplop to pull any colour from the shots. The reason the images are all different colours is because I like to mess around with the White Balance in ACR. To be honest, probably only one of these shots was actually required - they are all pretty much identical except for minor compositional changes and crops. Having 8 shots the same colour would be a bit boring so why not have a bugger around with the White Balance!?


Like my last trip, I was shot to the right and image averaged. Shooting to the right takes a bit of faith in the field. When you chimp your shots, they look blown to buggery even though the histogram says it's all good. Unlike last time, I did monitor the histogram more and changed the EV as required to keep the histogram loaded to the right. Again though this is tricky once the sun has lost height and can't light the foreground. i.e. there's a lot of contrast in the scene. 


As I've not really got a particular favourite here I'm not going through the processing suffice to say: -

  1. ACR - Variable WB | +30 Vibrance | Auto Levels
  2. Image Average
  3. All single passes except "Fishin' For Seagulls 5" which had 2 passes on the RAW
  4. Graduated black layer in Soft Light blend mode
  5. Touch of levels to brighten/darken slightly depending on the shot.
  6. Sharpen then add my watermark.


Here are the shots from the trip: -

March 2012, Forth Rail Bridge


What's this "Fishin' For Seagulls" aw aboot?

Years ago there was a 2 part police murder/mystery show set in Edinburgh called "Low Winter Sun" (great name!). In it, there was a scene where a car, with a body in it, was found in the water near the pier the Inchcolm ferry leaves from in South Queensferry. Anyway, a couple of the cops are having a bit of banter and one asks the other (and I'm paraphrasing) how the car was found. The other cop says some locals were fishing for seagulls. The first cop replies with a "Huh?" to which the 2nd cop replies that there's "fuck all else to do in South Queensferry".

I've got a friend who lives there and it's a running joke when I ask what he's been up to.

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